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We understand that your decision to work with REDD HOGAN Design-Build is based 100% on trust.  Do you trust us to be in your home creating the dust and noise that precedes the quiet beauty of a well-built space?  Do you trust us to work with and not against the existing structure and elements in your home so that when finished it just feels right? Do you trust us to listen with empathy as you express your hopes and dreams as well as your worries and fears? Do you trust us to worry as much about your money and your project as you do; to be an experienced and sympathetic partner –side-by-side with you– through the stresses of a remodel and construction project.
To help us win your precious trust, let us tell you a little about our family: Lindsay (Redd) and Drew (Hogan) have been married for eight years and we are still on a honeymoon. Drew started building when he was seven and still loves every minute of it.  Lindsay got a later start.  She was sixteen when she discovered her passion is design.  Her idea books are filled with designs of cool spaces she hopes to see built.
We are not satisfied with anything less than functional and breath-taking beauty.  We are inspired by the constraints of time, budget, and the existing elements and structure of your space.  We understand your concerns about the disruptions your project causes to the rhythm of you life and do our best to minimize the displacements.  We even use HEPA filters on our tools to capture as much dust as we can, and plastic walls to minimize the dust and debris.
Our purpose is to share an exhilaratingly positive design-build experience with you, and we look forward to a chance to compete for your trust. If we are lucky enough to win it, you have our promise: We will not lose it.