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It starts with a fun conversation and ends with a beautiful home.  At REDD HOGAN design-build we understand that successful remodel and new construction projects require collaboration and communication among you and your family, and our team of suppliers, consultants, and subcontractors.   In the midst of all that will happen during your project and over such a short period of time, we all must be aligned as to what is important and what is not.  In an ideal relationship and in the midst of the sawdust and productive commotion, we should be able to work towards a common goal.


To ensure we are shoulder-to-shoulder with you, we take the time at the beginning to become acquainted with each other at a broad, but also deep level.  We have found good endings come from good beginnings, and when our first talks about Your Project are full of laughter and enthusiasm, we know we are going to work well together.

Hence, when you invite us to your home to talk about being your design-build contractor and project manager, we don’t just show up and jump right into the details of your project.  Rather, we start by telling you about us and our family, and our team members and their families.  We then listen, really listen to you to ensure we clearly and correctly know your core values; which are those things that people say and do when their mothers aren’t listening.  This assures us all that the as to Your Project, the members of our team share your values, and will make the same decisions you would.


After this first fun conversation, we then prepare and present to you a 3D rendering of your project. If we have adjustments to make this is where we will address them. Once we have your project just right we will then provide a bound copy of  Your Project Storyboard that shows you not only a vision of the future, but highlights features of materials, colors and space, tone and feeling.  We also include in Your Project Storyboard a page titled “Core Values” to confirm we have listened to you with empathy and understanding.  The Your Project Storyboard will show you how we think your dreams can come true; while working with the existing structure and elements of your space. Only when you and we are seeing and feeling the same version of “Happily ever after,” do we move forward.   It may be that no matter how talented we are and patient you are, that we can never quite get the Your Project Storyboard to present a picture of the future that meets your expectations.  And that is OK, we would rather move on to another project, and stay friends with you, than try to make something work, when our core values, and vocabulary of beauty differs from each other.


However, in almost every case we can arrive at a common vision of your desired outcomes, and then we move forward.  During the demolition and new building phases of the project, at least weekly we will have a brief progress report meeting with you so that you can understand what is happening and why.

When the project is finished, we hope to leave you with a new space that looks and feels the way you dreamed it would.